Our HVAC Coil Cleaning Tool Deeply Penetrates the Coils for Effective Cleaning!

Our HVAC coil cleaning tool has a coil design that enables  large volumes of air to pass in between the fins. As dirt builds up over time in between and on the coils, heat transfer rate is severely reduced. Ordinary coil cleaning equipment such as standard spray guns cannot get into these tight area in between the fins to remove the dirt deposits that build up over time inhibiting the performance of HVAC equipment.

The coil cleaning tool is the PATENTED Hurricane coil cleaning system, Using a mixture of 65% compressed air with 35% water the Hurricane nozzle can get into those tight spaces to remove the debris. Here is a case study showing how our Hurricane Coil Cleaning System works.

The unique nozzle design is able to reach the entire surface area of the coils with the water/cleaning chemical mix that gets right to the core of any coil assembly. By removing all the debris that previous systems could not even reach, the built up dirt and debris is cleaned out thereby improving the air flow and heat transfer back of the coil system to “almost like new” condition. The unit cleans so well it even reduces the labor time necessary to clean. In fact, it works so well, often the operator can sit comfortably while performing the cleaning operation.

The system requirement is 100 PSI of air at 95 CFM and a city water supply source.i