Energy Efficient Blow-Off Products​

Use your compressed air to blow, vent, dry, cool, and exhaust efficiently to reduce noise and energy

Air jets

Part Ejection Powerful Blow-off & Cooling

Air Knives

Replace Drilled Pipe Blow-off & Cool with Even Flow

Air Amplifiers

Vent, Cool, Blow-off, Light Conveying

Air Nozzles

Part Ejection, Blow-off & Cooling

Air Mag™ Air Nozzles

Most Effective Air Nozzle Designed for Blow-off & Cooling

Ring Blade™​

Clean & Dry Any Extrusion

Air Edger™ Flat Jet Nozzles

Powerful Flat Jet Nozzle for Blow-off & Cooling

Manifold Mounted Systems​

Manifold Systems with Flat Jets or Nozzles for Powerful, Energy Saving Blow-off & Cooling

Air Edger™ Flat Jet Nozzles

Rugged Air Guns with safety nozzles