Static Control Solutions

Haug,static solutions are high-quality state-of-the-art static elimination, static charging and static measuring products that meet or exceed industry standards offering the highest level of technical support and service with fast delivery.  

With an extensive product line and worldwide distribution network customers can be assured of fast and convenient availability of exactly the right products for each and every application no matter where it ends up around the globe.

Haug Static Control Advantages

  • Fully shielded cable extending the life of all static control devices
  • Variety of Power Supplies to suit every applications – from simple units to monitoring systems, all “repairable” and so good that we can offer a two year warranty on all power supplies!
  • Several types of static elimination bars – for standard applications and units to address very high speed and very high static charges.
  • Static charging systems fully field tested to assure long life and performance.
  • Static testing and measuring products to assure applications are properly addressed and that installations perform.

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