Haug Static Elimination (Ionizing) Bars

Haug ionizing static bars and ionizing systems are compact and powerful and manufactured of high quality to meet the demands of heavy industrial environments and also the cleanliness and demands of special applications in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. All Haug ionizing (static elimination) systems come complete with their patented X-2000 connection which prevents accidental shocks if the ionizer is accidently connected to, or disconnected from, the power supply. All ionizer made by Haug are designed to oeprate with their full power supply range (See Power Supplies)

An image of a Static Elimination Bar with standard performance

Static Elimination Bar EI RN – Standard Performance

The EI RN ionizing bar(static eliminator) is the most popular static bar made by Haug and handles most industrial, and converting (paper, film and foil) applications. It is used in most applications with moderate static charges and moderate speeds.

Static Elimination Bar EI VC – Clean Room Certified

The model EI VC ionizing bar (static eliminator) is designed specifically to remove electrostatic charges in clean rooms. It can be used in both directly near material for the discharge of static buildup on the material or for “enriching” laminar air flows with positive and negative ions that flows onto objects for reducing and eliminating static charge.

Static Elimination Bar EI VS – High Performance Static bar for High Speeds, High Static Charges and where the bar cannot be close to the part

The model EI VS ionizing bar made by Haug has several times the ion output of the standard EI-RN static bar and is used to remove static charges from extremely highly charged surfaces such as can occur on materials like mylar and fiberglass. It is also used on fst moving surfaces such as high speed webs. Normally static bars must be close to the object to remove a static charge. The EI-VS static bar can remove static charge on slower moving applications such as cuttig applications where the bar cannot be close due to the high ion output.

Static Elinination Bar EI HRN – High Temperature Ionizing bar

In some applications the environment my be very hot. The model EI HRN static bar by Haug is designed for such applications and rated to temperatures up to +130°C.

Static Elimination Bar EI PS – Small Profile Static Bar

The HAUG model EI PS is a high-performance ionizer with a small dimensional profile to get into tight spaces such as behind labels being peeled off a backing material generating high static charges. A particular advantage in the EI PS bar design is that the positive and negative ions produced are symmetrical in their emission and this allows for absolutely uniform and contact-free neutralization of the target part. These bars are ideal for the elimination of “spot charges”.

EI RE Ring Electrode

The Haug ring electrode model EI RE is a unique product made especially for packaging applications where materials exhibit such a high static charge they literally can fly apart, or they can cause problems of sticking as the materials enter a package. This ring electrode encircles the material to provide compete static neutralization as it exits a conveyed system and enters a final package.

OPI One Point Ionizer

The Haug Model One-Point-Ionizer OPI was developed for the neutralization of small parts and can be mounted in tight spaces. The OPI can also be attached to a compressed air unit for ionized blow off applications (Mini-Jet Ionizer)