Static Elimination (Ionizing) Bars From HAUG

Static Elimination(Ionizing) Bars

Static Elimination Bar EI RN – Standard Performance

The HAUG EI RN ionizing bar is a powerful and rugged piece of equipment. Its construction satisfies all technical requirements and it has proven its value repeatedly in the removal of electrostatic charges during roll, sheet and web (continuous product) processing. Production interfering surface charges can be removed reliably and effectively – even at high operating speeds.

Static Elimination Bar EI VC – Clean Room Certified

The HAUG ionizing bar EI VC reliably eliminates electrostatic charges in clean rooms. It can be used in both directly for the discharge of objects or for enriching laminar air flows with positive and negative ions.

Static Elimination Bar EI VS – High Performance

The HAUG EI VS ionizing bar reliably removes electrostatic charges and its performance, when compared to the standard version, is considerably enhanced.

Static Elinination Bar EI HRN – High Temperature

The HAUG ionizing bar EI HRN is intended for applications in temperatures up to +130°C. It is a powerful ionizer symmetrically generating positive and negative ions by means of alternating voltage.

Static Elimination Bar EI PS – Small Profile

The HAUG ionizing bar EI PS is a mini high-performance ionizer. Thanks to the “power technolgy” developed by HAUG, its operational effectiveness is clearly above other comparable ionizing bars. A particular advantage lies in the symmetry of the emitted ions: positive and negative particles approach the load carrier absolutely uniformly to give contact-free neutralization. They ensure reliable elimination of “spot charges”.

EI RE Ring Electrode

With their extensive and fully developed technology, ring electrodes EI RE provide a wide-ranging neutralization effect. The plastic processsing industry recognize them as an essential production aid with innumerable applications. The radial and central alignment of the electrode as well as a symmetrical choice of ions, together with large spacious punchthrough guarantee maximum efficiency and performance.

OPI One Point Ionizer

The discharging power pack EN 9 Sine supplies energy to HAUG ionizing units. A functional monitoring facility reports impermissible operating states in the ionizing system such as short circuit and spark formation or thermal overload. The EN 9 Sine can be pulsed and supplies a monitoring signal of the output high voltage.