Static Measuring & Testing Systems

Two items are very important to insure that your static control systems are working properly. One is the static meter to measure the part before and after static elimination and also to measure the charge before and after the part is charged in the case of charging systems). The second items is the Haug Multicheck which is essentially a voltmeter with an indicator light that lights u when near a static bar (to indicate that there is power to the bar) and the turns green when closer to the bar to indicate “adequate” voltage for static elimination.

An image of a static meter

Static Meter I

The Static Meter I electrofieldmeter is a small hand-held field strength meter with digital display for measuring electrostatic charges in Volts. Easy to use and accurate for measurement.

Multicheck High Voltage Test Meter

The high-voltage test unit Multicheck is used t assure that the power supplies and static bars are proving the necessary voltage for static elimination. Often, they can indicate f the static bar or pin just needs cleaning in that before cleaning the “green” light may not go on but after cleaning is does.