Air Compressed Products

Energy Efficient Blow-Off Products​

Use your compressed air to blow, vent, dry, cool, and exhaust efficiently to reduce noise and energy​

Vortex Tube And Industrial Spot Cooling​

Convert your compressed air to very cold air (as low as minus 40 degrees) for industrial spot cooling

Air Operated Conveyors​

Nex Flow™ Air Operated Pneumatic Conveyors are compact and have virtually no moving parts. They convey material at high rates and over long distances utilizing compressed air for a powerful, efficient venturi action.

Compressed Air Optimization Products​

Save money by optimizing your compressed air system and spot leakage with our sound meter, ultrasonic leak detector and PLCFC control system.

Static Control Products​

HAUG static control products from Nex Flow™ featuring Haug Static Bars, Haug Air-Blade™ Ionizers, Haug Power Supplies, Haug Air Ionizing Guns, Haug Ionizing Nozzles, Haug Static Testing Equipment and Haug Static Measurement Solutions.

Compressed Air Accessories​

Nex Flow™ Compressed Air Accessories improve the functioning of other Nex Flow™ products in performance and operation.