Air Compressed Products

Energy Efficient Blow-Off Air Products

When using compressed air to blow, vent, dry, cool, and exhaust, Nex Flow™ products increase efficiency, reduces noise levels and improve plant safety. Available are standard air nozzles, the patented Air Mag air nozzle, air knives, air amplifiers and air jets to address all types of applications.

Vortex Tube And Industrial Spot Cooling​

Nex Flow™ vortex tubes convert your compressed air to very cold air stream (as low as minus 40 degrees C) for industrial spot cooling and for enclosure cooling. Available in three standard sizes. Packaged versions are available for tool cooling, adjustable spot cooling and cabinet enclosure cooling. Units are made of stainless steel for long life.

Air Operated Conveyors​

Nex Flow™ Air Operated Pneumatic Conveyors are compressed air operated conveying units that are lightweight, compact and have virtually no moving parts. They convey material at high rates and over long distances utilizing compressed air for a powerful, efficient venturi action. Ideal for hopper loading of resin in plastic production, bottle caps in bottling applications, moving all types of materials quickly and easily.

Compressed Air Optimization Products​

Save money by optimizing your compressed air system and spot leakage with our sound meter, ultrasonic leak detector and PLCFC control system. Optimizing compressed air use reduces energy costs and improves safety in factory operations.

Static Control Products​

Static control products from Nex Flow™ include static bars (ionizing bars), both standard strength and extra powerful for high speed and high statically charged applications. Combined with air knives or air amplifiers they are used to clean and remove dust and direct from statically charged surfaces. A variety of power supplies are available from simple units to monitoring systems. Quality control products include static meters and voltage testers to assure products are operating properly and that static charge is properly addressed.

Compressed Air Accessories​

Nex Flow™ Compressed Air Accessories improve and enhance the functioning of other Nex Flow™ products in performance and operation. Compressed air products need to be properly filtered to operate at optimum level. Accessories include special filters to improve filtering where necessary.