Static Blow-Off Systems

Ionized Air Blow off with Static Control. In many applications the use of compressed air combined with ionization can improve static elimination, move product, and can also be used to clean statically charged surfaces. Several products are available for this purpose.

An image of the Delta Blower

Delta Blower DA TR

The Delta blower DA TR is compact unit that uses a small amount of compressed air to create a wide, cone-shaped flow of ionized air to blow onto charged material. Its main application is to blow ionized air onto corners of stacked sheets that cling together from static charge. The ionized airflow helps to separate the sheets that are clinging together by forcing a small amount of ionized air in at the corners beginning the separation. As the sheets separate, the wide, ionized sheet of air eliminates the charge between the material

Uno Air Gate KL GK

The uno air gate KL GK utilizes one static bar with nozzles on each side blowing onto a part fr cleaning. The ion cloud generated by the static bar is carried by the air flow which becomes ionized air, eliminating static charge on the target part and cleaning the surface of dust and debris. Instead of compressed air, the interchangeable nozzles may be replaced with nozzles created to be used with blowers instead.

Duo Air Gate LS GK

The Duo air gate LS GK, uses one row of nozzles that provide compressed air that is “ionized” by two static bars to clean the target surface. Used when cleaning is less rigid but ionization is more important due to higher charge.

Mini Air Gate LS PLE

The Mini air gate LS PLE uses two rigidly installed ionizing bars with circular jet nozzles for light cleaning of statically charged surfaces. Ideal for use on smaller machines.

Needle Ionizer NI

The Needle ionizer NI is used for neutralizing the inside of bottles and containers and to remove contamination from the inside of small containers such as bottles, test tubes, etc.