Static Blow-Off Systems

Ionized Air Blowers For Static Control From HAUG Ionization Systems

Delta Blower DA TR

Delta blower DA TR – small design – great effectiveness! Its compact design makes the Delta blower DA TR a very versatile device. Its wide, cone-shaped air jet blows accross the ionizing pins which generate a vigorous ionic current with positive and negative ions.

Uno Air Gate KL GK

The uno air gate KL GK is a tested and proven unit which is used in production to eliminate electrostatic charges, dust and associated interferences in the best possible way. The exchangeable precision nozzles which are arranged offset in two rows shape the air stream into a defined flat jet. Once neutralized, the particles are mechanically removed by means of the air stream.

Duo Air Gate LS GK

The Duo air gate LS GK, together with its simultaneous dusting of non-conductive surfaces, is a highly developed and efficient aid in the removal of electrostatic charges.The device reduces negative impacts on production so that quality losses, as well as high numbers of rejects, can be almost completely eliminated. This reduces production costs considerably.

Mini Air Gate LS PLE

Mini air gate LS PLE – the mini unit with the maximum effect. The midget among the HAUG air gates, it nevertheless offers top effectiveness combined with the smallest dimensions. Two rigidly installed ionizing bars with circular jet nozzles guarantees the best performance. The handy unit is particularly suitable for use with smaller machines.

Needle Ionizer NI

The Needle ionizer NI generates positive and negative ions. The units assist the air stream and is intended to eliminate electrostatic charges and contamination (e.g. dust) from small and tiny vessels.

Web Cleaner 1 WXC 1

These Web Cleaner 1 WXC 1 are used for removing dust from surfaces. The functional modules consist of ionization, air jet and extraction. These modules are coordinated effectively within a closed system.