How does the Hurricane coil cleaning system work

Problems with other HVAC Coil Cleaning Systems:

Dirty, clogged multi row air conditioning and refrigeration coils (DX, chilled water, etc) that are contaminated with dirt, debris, grease, seeds, bio-film etc. These neglected multi-row coils drastically increase the HVAC system operation cost. A Pacific Gas & Electric study showed that a dirty condenser coil can increase system energy consumption by 30%!

Challenge :

How do you successfully clean these sometimes hard to reach multi-row coils clogged with years of buildup? Most light weight coil cleaning spraying systems are no match for the neglected multi-row coil. They hardly scratch the surface!

Solution :

The Hurricane Coil Cleaning System !

Image of the Hurricane Coil Cleaning System nozzle

The Hurricane Coil Cleaning System takes 100 mph of water vapor to deliver adequate concentration of cleaning solution deep into the coil to clean to a high level so it once again transfers heat effectively for designed climate control/comfort. Cleaning throughout the coil allows for the original designed airflow through the coil resulting in significant energy savings. Static pressure drops improvements of 6 times can and have been made. The patented Hurricane system was developed by over 11 years of hands-on coil cleaning experience and constant process improvement! The system requires 100 psi of air at 95 CFM and 60 PSI water supply

The patented Hurricane nozzle cleans chilled water and DX coils faster by working with the design of the coil.
The IN-LINE angle of the water combined with the force and movement of the air drives the coil cleaning solution deep into the multi-row coil. After the foaming cleaning agent has loosened the deeply imbedded contaminates (including bio-film) the Hurricane nozzle washes away the years of buildup without harming the coil fins!

  1. Condenser motor fans don’t have to work as hard and therefore will last longer.
  2. Increased oil return occurs in many refrigeration applications.
  3. Contactors last longer due to lower amp draw.
  4. Real energy savings are attainable: After using the Hurricane Coil Cleaning System on one chilled water project, the coil pressure drop went from 2.6 inches WC to .391 inches (.33 inches is the design pressure drop in a new coil). The savings on one 60 hp motor was $4,312.00 per year on just the motor savings alone!

The Hurricane coil cleaning system lets you clean multi-row coils faster and more effectively than other methods. If you already offer coil cleaning services, this gives you a great opportunity to better serve your existing customers and improve your productivity and profits with a real competitive advantage.

Dirty indoor and outdoor coils cost building owners up to 26 cents per square foot! Cleaning coils can greatly minimize compressor and fan wear while providing substantial energy savings to the building owner.